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Client Barclays
Agency Redwood
Title Barclays on Mumsnet
The Brief

Redwood was commissioned to build a conversation with one of the Web's toughest audiences: the 2m-strong user base of Mumsnet. 

The Challenge

Mumsnetters aren't shy with their criticisms when something appears on their site that doesn't strike the right tone. We were trying to engage them while the reputation of the banking industry was sinking to an all-time low.

Editorial Response

Redwood built a detailed picture of the typical Mumsnetter: responsible for family money decisions but struggling with the increased complexity of this role. Many of the target audience also had entrepreneurial aspirations.

All the content we produced was therefore designed to be warm, positive and authentic, as well as genuinely helpful. Wherever possible, it featured Mumsnetters themselves, to ensure it was trusted completely by the audience.

Video was at the core of the solution. As the case studies here demonstrate, we used it to deliver everything from practical advice on how to use new Barclays payment technology to inspirational stories from successful "mumpreneurs".


In one year, Barclays on Mumsnet (BoM) increased the proportion of Mumsnetters likely to recommend Barclays by a whopping 23%.

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