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The Brief

The brief was to create a product that was not only a beautiful magazine but that would also appeal to every corner of Fender's customer base - from the hardcore guitarophile to the brand new recruit.

The Challenge

The magazine had to feel collectable while at the same time convey Fender's heritage and product range in a non-overt, non-pushy way - there were to be no prices or tech spec boxes, and no hard sell messaging.

If all the reader took away from this magazine was some great stories that wove Fender's history in with where they're at today, then that was fine with them.

Throughout a series of workshops between FuturePlus and Fender, an idea was formed and then expanded upon, into which editorial content could become alive.

Editorial Response

The mantra for producing this title within the editorial team was ‘telling tales not making sales', and this drove to the very heart of the title - we focussed on creating truly engaging editorial through both the visuals and the copy, that gently pushed Fender's products without feeling invasive.

We treated the whole project as a privilege. It's a very rare thing these days to be able to produce a magazine to this high a standard, that's focussed on lavish features and has an archive as great as Fender's, without also being hamstrung by heavy sales objectives.

We ended up producing a coffee table magazine that even people who aren't guitar players have loved reading, and those that are guitarists and Fender fans have raved about in all forms - from word of mouth and social networks to fan forums and even hand written letters.

Each product was treated not as something to push, but rather as the starting point to a story that needed to be explored. It was less about what the guitar was and more about why that guitar existed in the first place.

Each piece of content, from a single page news story all the way up to the 12-page Dream Factory feature, had the same beginning: tell the story behind the product, that will inspire readers rather than pressure them.


This idea resulted in content that genuinely intrigued and delighted Fender Magazine readers from all stages of their guitar journey.

The client is thrilled with the worldwide impact of the Fender magazine and as a result it is helping shape and drive the future of their customer communications strategy and product launch strategy. 

Some key results from the first issue are:

Unique magazine tracking means every issue is measurable and delivers proven ROI. The first issue launched many new products and increased worldwide website traffic to the Fender site.  This has translated into hundreds of thousands of readers trying to find out more and buying products.

Specific magazine content drove overall website page views by almost a quarter meaning that Fender customers spent more time looking at product and researching new launches.  This actually translates to over a million pages viewed.

We have estimated that the average reader spent more than 30 minutes reading the magazine.

 Customer testimonials

Thank you...Future did a fantastic job with this magazine. It is a ‘work of art', especially to a guitar fanatic, like myself. The 50th anniversary Jaguar photos are stunning!!! We are proud to be a dealer and glad to share with our customers.

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