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Title Live From IKEA Family
The Brief

This year, the challenge IKEA set live for IKEA FAMILY (live) was a brief in three parts.

First: build loyalty and interest in home furnishing among IKEA FAMILY members worldwide.

Second: create a digital solution that would extend the reach of live's content in existing and new markets, so it is seen by more IKEA FAMILY members, more often.

Three: keep production processes simple and efficient across all live's media platforms.

The Challenge

IKEA's founding mission is to design furniture that improves people's daily life at home. live for IKEA FAMILY's mission is to reaffirm this idea with its readers.

Challenged with producing one title that builds brand loyalty and interiors interest among a global readership, we adopted a powerfully simple formula: be real! We show the homes of people who live with IKEA and tell the stories of their everyday lives at home.

Editorial Response

Our London-based team creates all the content for live. They travel the world sourcing stories built around a community of IKEA customers. The magic ingredient the team adds is an ability to tell the stories of everyday lives honestly and beautifully. These stories are key to translating a giant international company's view into a single voice that works across cultures, and brings a broad family closer to IKEA. And live's family is broad – spanning 31 countries, speaking 35 languages.

This year we worked to make a monthly digital version of the printed magazine,, the hub for IKEA's online community. When brainstorming ways to extend the reach of live's content, we looked for a solution that would be irresistible to previously closed markets. The magazine's responsive design means it is a pleasure to enjoy on a desktop, tablet or mobile, making it ideal for users in markets where print costs prohibit increasing print runs, or postage costs have made sending a printed reward magazine to members unviable. It is also appreciated in markets where digital content is primarily consumed on mobiles. In less than a year we have grown from 17 editions to 35!

With building community and sharing inspiration at the heart of live, we have a burgeoning social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube keep our followers engaged with the IKEA brand and live's content. In fact, we were one of the first brands to establish a Pinterest page.


PPA Customer Magazine of the Year Award in 2012. When it won the prestigious the judges noted: "The design is unique and on brand, it has an inviting tone, and is a fantastic example of global publishing."

PPA Editor of the Year Digital customer titles 2012

APA International Customer Publishing Awards live for IKEA FAMILY Winner – Best Consumer Publication (Membership) 2011

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