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Conquer ConTech Summit 2015 next week!! - Have you booked yet?!

Speakers from LEGO Group, Instagram, RBS, Facebook, Google, AOL, Enders Analysis, Marie Claire, Retail Week, IAB, Factory Media, Playbuzz, International Marketing Partners, and Mediacom confirmed. Read more »

17thNov 2015

Second round judging day a huge success!

On Wednesday 4th November the CMA held the second round judging day for the International Content Marketing Awards 2015 at the Century Club Soho. It was a fascinating and inspiring day, with morning and afternoon sessions involving some of the world's leading marketers to decide on the winners for each category. Read more »

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5thNov 2015

Ad tech, brand it's time for 'ConTech'

Content marketing used to be about content used for marketing purposes. It still is, of course, but now the interplay of content and technology is revolutionising the sector, adding complexity but creating huge opportunity too. Dominic Mills introduces next month’s Content Marketing Association summit – ‘Conquer  ConTech Marketing’. Read more »

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25thNov 2015

Dec 9th Digital Breakfast: Best of the web 2015, plus predictions for 2016

If there’s one thing we can expect in digital media it's that change is constant. By now it should be clear that every 12 months brings new challenges and new opportunities for brands and marketers. Read more »

24thNov 2015

A day in the life of… Nick Welch, Digital Director at PCP

Nick Welch is responsible for digital strategy and web and mobile delivery at content marketing agency Progressive Customer Publishing (PCP). Nick joined PCP in 2014. Coming from a digital agency background he has managed the development and delivery of digital campaigns for clients including KPMG, PwC, British Airways and the BBC. Read more »

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20thNov 2015

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