Brice Bay - marketing in the fashion industry

EnVeritas Group CEO, Brice Bay, was recently invited to participate in a panel discussion on marketing for the fashion industry. The panel will be a part of the Fashion360 conference, which takes place on October 18, in Charleston, South Carolina. 

The event will bring together hundreds of professionals from the fashion industry to discuss the latest trends, e-commerce, blogging, fashion design, law, marketing, beauty and other related topics. The conference originated in Washington, DC and is expanding to Charleston for 2014, with plans to expand further in future years.

Bay was invited to be the expert on localized digital content on a panel of marketers and digital media experts. EVG’s global network of writers, editors and project managers have a great deal of experience working with companies across the world to develop localized content to effectively reach audiences with different cultural, search, media, language and other tendencies and characteristics.

Bay’s expertise is right in line with the world of fashion. As an industry, fashion transcends the globe. Creations from Europe make their way into the lives of consumers from all over. As a marketer in the fashion industry, it’s important to understand how to reach audiences in different locations, with messages that truly connect.

If you are interested in learning more, visiting the conference, or attending Bay’s presentation, you can inquire by using the following contact info:

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1stSep 2014

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