CMA Summit 2013: Importance of music for content marketing

Nikhil Shah, co-founder Mixcloud, believes there is a great opportunity for branded content around music.

A platform for passionate music curators to connect to listeners, Mixcloud has worked with several commercial partners, including Red Bull, Malibu and and Cocal Cola.

Malibu has had 650,000 Mixcloud listeners for its Malibu Play DJ sets while Coca Cola's Burn Residency to win a DJ set in Ibiza created 10 million impressions for the brand.

According to Shah there are only two things that matter: content and engagement. "Brands need to focus on content that consumers want to share." 

Music has been at the core of social tribes, he claims. 29 of the top 30 YouTube videos are music videos and 7 out of 10 most liked Facebook pages are music related.

"Emotion created by music can be a powerful tool for brands. Music can serve a need for brands to engage. People are listening to more music than ever and brands are delivering great music content." 

Nikhil Shah, co-founder Mixcloud, was speaking at today's CMA International Content Marketing Summit - Weds 27 Nov.

Full agenda at www.the-cma/summit.

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27thNov 2013

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