CMA Summit 2013: Using Twitter and Facebook for branded content

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly important forms of communication as well as important commercial tools for brands.

Barack Obama's US re-election tweet was the most retweeted of all time with 1 million re-tweets. Meanwhile David Whitehouse's joke about Lance Armstrong's drug abuse was shared 7,000 times and Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory was the subject of 3.2 million tweets in 12 hours.

According to Dara Nasr, Sales Director, Twitter, some brands have used Twitter to great effect. After Murray's victory, for example, sponsor Adidas put out a poster on Twitter with the word ‘Wimbledone' while Ladbrokes and Paddy Power had a funny Twitter spat using hashtags, #sadblokes and #saddypower, which helped humanise their brands.

For Facebook's Alastair Cotterill the quality of content coming from brands needs to be as good as content from people, in other words emotionally engaging. It also needs to be relevant.

He cites an example of a bank that had a Facebook post raising a cup of tea to celebrate the birth of Prince George and brands that use pictures of cats to get traffic.

"Our objective should be never to end up on the condescending corporate brand Facebook page," says Cotterill.

Cotterill adds that ‘quality of content isn't as good as we'd like it to be.' He believes there is a content manufacturing problem as brands go from producing 10-12 bits of content a year to many hundreds.

He also claims that brands are measuring the wrong things - such as likes, comments and shares - which don't necessarily meet the business objectives of the CEO.

Cotterill believes that brands which have a consistent tone of voice are the most successful on Facebook, citing Lego with its Imagine campaign and drinks brand Dos Equis with its ‘most interesting man in the world' remit.

Twitter's Dara Nasr and Facebook's Alastair Cotterill speaking at today's CMA International Content Marketing Summit - Weds 27 Nov. 

Full agenda at www.the-cma/summit.

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27thNov 2013

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