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Video has moved to become a central part of content marketing strategies, with video budgets set to accelerate further over the coming year, according to a new study by the Content Marketing Association. 71% of content marketers believe that brands aren’t investing enough in video content. Read more »

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15thApr 2016

Optimising content for mobile platforms

The last few years have witnessed a significant shift in the way that publishers view mobile. Ideas about optimising desktop content for mobile have now largely been superseded by notions of publishers and brands putting mobile first. Read more »

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14thApr 2016

HEARST MADE JOINS THE CONTENT MARKETING ASSOCIATION - CMA continues to extend media owner membership

The Content Marketing Association (CMA), the industry body for the content marketing industry, has today announced a new member – Hearst Made, Hearst Magazines UK’s content partnerships division.

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13thApr 2016

Highlights from April's Digital Breakfast on Optimising content for mobile platforms

There was a great turnout at our April breakfast on Wednesday 13th, thanks to everyone that came! We had 9 CMA member agencies attend as well as companies such as The Financial Times, Axonn, Centaur Media, Sunday, Think Publishing and Taboola to name but a few. Read more »

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13thApr 2016

Great content can help fight ad blocking

Ad blocking’s seemingly inexorable rise looks like the perfect storm, and is a massive problem for advertisers and publishers.  But all is not lost, says the Content Marketing Association’s Clare Hill. Advertisers who focus on great, relevant, content can help defeat it. Read more »

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6thApr 2016

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