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Brands, academia and the communications industry launch landmark initiative to fuel business success

World-renowned clients, including HSBC, PepsiCo, Sky and the Government, have united with agencies and academia to launch Effectiveness Week, a unique initiative to drive marketing effectiveness to the core of business management.  Read more »

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26thMay 2016

What to watch for in content marketing for the rest of 2016

Incredible as it might seem we are almost already halfway through 2016. An eventful summer looms ahead with everything from major sporting showcases, like The Olympics and Euro 2016, through to potentially era-shaping political events like the EU referendum next month. Read more »

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26thMay 2016

Is the free ride brands enjoy on Snapchat coming to an end?

The publishing industry is currently obsessed with Snapchat - and with good reason. The photo and video sharing platform apparently now delivers over 10 billion video views a day - which is not too far behind Facebook. Buzzfeed stated late last year that as many as 20% of its video views come via Snapchat. Read more »

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19thMay 2016

CMA Digital Breakfast: Next wave of personalisation for content marketers

Thanks to the latest technology tools you can now find out more about who is reading your content than ever before. And while this data can seem overwhelming, it can also be useful to help you shape the message accordingly and reduce the cost of acquisition.  Read more »

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12thMay 2016

Content marketing case studies from across the globe

Every now and then we round up some best of breed examples of content marketing concepts from across the globe. The five we have featured below all feature brands using content in innovative and highly effective ways. Read more »

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11thMay 2016

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