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Quality Content and Reader Annotation

The days of traditional post-blog messages are soon coming to an end. If you believe some of the hype about Genius, that is. Read more »

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30thJan 2015

Five brands doing great things on Twitter

In some ways running a branded Twitter account ought to be reasonably straight forward. After all isn’t it all about highlighting great content, sharing news and updates with followers and engaging with customers when appropriate? Read more »

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29thJan 2015

New Year, Old Content: Making What’s Old New Again

You’ve heard the saying “Out with the old, in with the new,” and as we begin a new year, this phrase carries a lot of weight. If you’re an avid blog reader like me, you may have seen a stream of blog topics covering new diets, new exercise regimes and tips on how to reduce stress. Just because it’s a new year, though, it doesn’t mean we have to start all over. This is especially true regarding content. Read more »

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22ndJan 2015

Can too much content demystify a brand?

When Tyler Brûlé, founder of Monocle and design and communication firm Winkreative, speaks brands tend to listen. Over the years the maverick, but highly successful publisher, has enabled many luxury brands to establish themselves and thrive through the vehicles of his magazines Wallpaper and, more recently, Monocle. So when Brûlé talks content marketing you can be sure that his words are going to be taken very seriously. Read more »

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16thJan 2015

Dispatches from CES - the age of big data, wearable tech and hyper connectivity

At the start of January each year 160,000 people from around the globe head for the bright lights of Las Vegas to attend CES. The world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics is an opportunity for some of the smartest people on the planet to show just how technology will change our lives in ways most of us only think possible in sci-fi movies. From driverless cars and robo-maids to a 3D printer that makes biscuits, we really are now living in the world of The Jetsons. Read more »

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15thJan 2015

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