Content and the customer journey

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

There’s a classic journey which every customer takes. It’s a sequence which goes from awareness to interest to engagement, to the completion of a sale, and then onward to loyalty and evangelism.

What’s interesting is that different marketing media, tools and approaches may be effective at particular stages of that journey – but content can play a part at every one. Read more »

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13thAug 2014

Content marketing media roundup

Posted by: Samantha Duff, Cedar

Every month we scour the papers and trawl the web to uncover the need-to-know content marketing news. In this next instalment we look at the brands that are setting the bar in native advertising and why content marketing is the new SEO. Read more »

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6thAug 2014

Can messaging apps ever be used for content?

One key trend of recent years, that very few media watchers anticipated, has been the growth of a new generation of messaging apps. WeChat, WhatsApp and Snapchat are just the tip of an iceberg of apps that enable mostly young people to send quick and easy messages to each other. Read more »

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31stJul 2014

Twenty years in production

Posted by: Maria Lamle, Cedar

The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.’* This definitely rings true in the production department at Cedar, where at least one member of the team claims to remember burning his fingers on the hot metal involved in old style printing. Read more »

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29thJul 2014

Seven flavours for your next videos: Formats

Posted by: Jon Salmon, Seven

As part of our Seven Flavours series, last time we explored the importance of thinking about your audience when working up your next video idea. Read more »

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23rdJul 2014

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