Content marketing is a strategy, not a channel

Posted by: Clare Hill, MD, CMA

Over the past month, the CMA’s message to the wider marketing industry has been that content is a strategy and not a channel. Marketers are so used to working in a channel-focused world, with clean lines of distinction and clean measurement, that marketing by channel offers an easy way for a marketer to explain the overall marketing mix.  Read more »

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9thApr 2014

Will Guardian Labs change content marketing?

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

The Guardian has just announced the launch of Guardian Labs, “the Guardian's own branded content agency, that specialises in telling brand stories.” Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
9thApr 2014

More brands becoming paid-for publishers

We all know about Porter magazine, Net-a-Porter’s move into paid-for print publishing, but now it’s been followed by another retailer doing the same thing. And it’s one you wouldn’t expect: Sports Direct, whose new title, Forever Sports, hit the streets last month. CMA consultant editor Dominic Mills looks at what’s going on. Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
9thApr 2014

Five reasons why brand storytelling is changing

Posted by: The CMA

Third party platforms are an ideal way to promote branded content hosted on your own website. Just ensure though that you think in advance about what content you are sharing and how it will drive traffic to your site. Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
3rdApr 2014

What can content marketers learn from Upworthy?

It is the fastest growing editorially-driven website ever, and it is a site that content marketers need to keep tabs on. What though can brands and agencies learn from Upworthy? Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
19thMar 2014

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