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Google Announces Upcoming AdWords UI Upgrades

This week Google announced an upcoming upgrade to the AdWords user interface.  The goal of the improved UI, which will be gradually rolled out over the coming months, is to streamline workflow, deliver a more modern look and feel, and make management of AdWords digital marketing campaigns easier. Read more »

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4thApr 2016

Redefining content marketing in 2016

In 2016, it could be hard to find an agency that doesn’t claim to be a brand storyteller. We’re all in pursuit of creating branded content with which people really want to engage – giving new vigour to the term ‘brand pull, not brand push’. In this increasingly customer-led economy, content is in effect being used as a catchall term to describe marketing communications in every form. Read more »

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29thMar 2016

There’s So Much More To Tweens Than Meets the iPad

A look at the audience behind the new CBBC rebrand. I was a free-range kid, growing up on a free-range poultry farm near Liverpool in the late 70s, early 80s: for me, a golden era of empowering, love-filled ‘benign neglect’ parenting. 

Munching on Spangles & KP Discos whilst talking to heaven-knows-who on the CB radio; building dens out of the massive egg packing boxes; selling rose-petal & cochineal water to unsuspecting strangers as they walked by our wall; grabbing my Raleigh Commando and cruising down to the local park with my brother, pretending to be CHiPs California Highway Patrol (we both wanted to be "Ponch" Poncherello).

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23rdMar 2016

Lost for words: How marketers can tackle writers block

Anyone who writes as part of their job will have experienced or at least heard of writers block. Whether you’re a bestselling novelist, a copywriter or a marketer who puts together client documents and emails, few are immune from becoming inexplicably lost for words at times.

There’s an endless list of causes and cures for writers block, with some even arguing there’s no such thing. You could literally write a book on the subject… if only you could think of the words. Read more »

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18thMar 2016

5 reasons why brands need great action sports content

It was recently announced that surfing and skateboarding are likely to be Olympic events in the 2020 Games in Tokyo, after organisers recommended five extra sports for inclusion.

Reaction to this decision has focused mainly on the IOC’s intention to attract a younger, “cooler” audience – no doubt to attract a wider net of potentially lucrative sponsors. Read more »

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18thMar 2016

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