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The Four Pillars of Great Content

Content, as all good marketers know, is about providing value. In the digital world that, in turn, can mean two things – the value the audience get intrinsically by reading or viewing what your brand has created, and the value they get by passing it on. Read more »

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28thApr 2015

Keeping Ahead of The Content Curve

This month we have been focussed on The CMA and building our organisation to ensure we are equipped to keep ahead of the content marketing curve. Read more »

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27thApr 2015

Donít forget the basics of content marketing

You’ll know the story by now of an energy drink that became a brand that then invested in sports sponsorship that then became a stronger brand that then extended into content marketing and is now a multi‐platform publisher – with an energy drink in its portfolio. Who is it? It’s Red Bull ( Read more »

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27thApr 2015

The Magnetic appeal of magazines

Magnetic, a new marketing agency for magazine media in the UK, has just opened its doors for business. Funded by some of the biggest magazine publishers, it is promoting the merits of magazines as a medium, in much the same way as Thinkbox does for television, and Newsworks does for newspapers. Read more »

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27thApr 2015

Before Periscope it was Meerkat

Why social live is such as a big thing

When it comes to new trends on social media, live streaming is definitely the new frontier. Read more »

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13thApr 2015

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