Buzzword Bingo

Posted by: Ash McCallum, Black Swan Data

Everyone loves buzzword bingo, so let’s start with ‘Big Data’… Much has been written about this topic and the term is fast heading out of fashion, largely because it’s pretty meaningless.  The notion that somehow we have the ability to solve everyone’s  problems when we finally capture all available data points, identifying the critical signals that in turn unlock the secrets of the universe, or something like that.   Read more »

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7thJul 2014

Why boring businesses make for interesting content

Posted by: Dan Brotzel, Sticky Content

You often hear people talk about the challenge of doing content marketing for dull industries or boring businesses, as if this was a recognised genre.  Read more »

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7thJul 2014

Top tips for harnessing content marketing in PR

Posted by: Sarah Gavin, Outbrain

Content marketing is a key theme being considered by a workstream of the PRCA's PR Council. We will be announcing more on this subject within the coming months. Read more »

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7thJul 2014

Is high-quality, cost-effective, always-on content impossible?

Robin Bonn from Seven discusses how brands that want their content to be high quality, always-on and cost-effective are struggling to achieve more than two of these three aims. Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
4thJul 2014

Why PR companies are experimenting with content marketing

The big PR companies now clearly see content marketing as a major part of the services they offer to brands. So should more traditional content marketing agencies now see them as rivals? Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
3rdJul 2014

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