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Before Periscope it was Meerkat

Why social live is such as a big thing

When it comes to new trends on social media, live streaming is definitely the new frontier. Read more »

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13thApr 2015

Looking through the Periscope – Twitter’s new app

Broadcasters beware. Twitter’s latest appquisition, Periscope, allows users to view and broadcast video live from anywhere online. It has the potential to change the international media-scape forever. So what does this mean for content marketing? Read more »

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8thApr 2015

Glance Journalism has arrived thanks to the New York Times

In September 2014, Content Desk predicted the arrival of glance journalism – micro stories written for the small screen.  Read more »

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2ndApr 2015

Trends in Content Marketing 2015

Followers of Ascend2 can’t help but notice the staggering amount of research the company produces about all things marketing. It’s a practice-what-you-preach approach, as Ascend2 is a leading marketing solutions company; no doubt the research it produces adds to the company’s legitimacy among clients, increases the share ability of its content and gets it plenty of coverage in marketing trade journals. Read more »

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2ndApr 2015

The Perfect Pick

A guide to the different elements of content strategy and how to pick the perfect content to maximise impact Read more »

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2ndApr 2015

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