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Securing a content future

Content is currently the buzz word on every marketer’s lips. Some industry leaders have asserted that it is the only marketing left, the king, even the kingdom. Others take a more quizzical and sometimes sceptical stance about its definition, its importance and its value. Whatever the point of view, it is indisputable that content marketing has risen dramatically up the agenda over the past few years. Yet as an industry that is still emerging, it is very likely that the next few years will be far more significant. Read more »

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25thFeb 2016

Eat your own content

The best content is unique, opinionated, informed and direct. That’s why it’s vital to help your fee-earners find the time and motivation to both consume and create it. Read more »

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24thFeb 2016

Water Your Grassroots to Grow in 2016

We've gone beyond: since the summer of 2013, when The Guardian's style column flippantly remarked that, as a nation, we'd reached 'peak beard', every slow news day online has been characterised by wry claims that we've summited 'peak peak'. It's become peak intolerable. So thank god for digital shift, which tears through trends at such a rate that it evades peak pigeonholing. Take display advertising, for instance. 'Peak banner' arrived in 1999; we don't need trend reports to tell us that standard units have been served beyond saturation point.  Read more »

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24thFeb 2016

Must do Marketing in 2016: Love your data

Good decisions depend on good data. But are you gathering good data and using it to inform your content strategy, not just your online advertising tactics? Make it a resolution for 2016 to make a date with your data and learn to love it. Read more »

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23rdFeb 2016

Why you’re missing the trick if you’re focussing on UX instead of on user experience

If you’re still living your professional marketing life by the motto “Content is King”, the news will devastate you: content is not King, the user is. Which is fine. Read more »

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19thFeb 2016

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