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Top Tips for Producing a Video

Video is increasingly becoming a central part of content marketing strategies. The statistics are everywhere: video will account for 79%  of all consumer internet traffic in 2018; 73% of UK content marketers use video, and 82% are experiencing success with video marketing initiatives. Read more »

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24thMar 2015

Internet Age Media weekend

Day one of the first Internet Age Media weekend, hosted by Imperfect Futures in Barcelona, saw some pretty spectacular speakers on stage. Read more »

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24thMar 2015

The Apple Watch and content - where are we now?

When the Apple Watch was finally unveiled in early March it inevitably sparked a furious debate about whether the company had patented a new platform, as it has done with the iPad, or created a high tech white elephant. Read more »

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19thMar 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 - a quick wrap up

Each year the great and the good of the phone industry meet up at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to check out the handsets and peruse the latest services and apps. This year proved to be one of the most memorable MWCs in a few years. Read more »

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12thMar 2015

Best tools for Podcasting

Word is that podcasting is the old new next best thing in 2015. Twitter especially is in the process of rolling out recorded content with partner SoundCloud, while the successes of podcasts like Serial underline the potency of the medium. Read more »

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11thMar 2015

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