Is it now pay to play for brands in social media?

For the past half decade social media has been a central part of many brand’s marketing strategies. Being able to use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage regularly with an online, and increasingly mobile audience has enabled brands to connect with consumers in innovative and highly effective ways. And up until recently those platforms seemed happy to accommodate the brands for free. Read more »

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18thSep 2014

The Apple Watch: what it means for brands

Posted by: Grace Emery, Seven

Following the announcement by Apple on Wednesday 9 September that it is to launch a smartwatch, the world has asked: ‘Great, but will it actually change our lives? And how?’  Read more »

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16thSep 2014

A new distinction in the content market?

Posted by: Paul KeersWhite Light Media

A new criteria of content may be about to emerge – and it’s one of which we need to be aware. Read more »

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11thSep 2014

A day in the life of... Richard Cree, Editor-in-Chief of economia at Progressive Customer Publishing

Richard Cree

A 2013 BSME editor of the year, his day job involves, among other things, making sure the entire suite of publications produced by PCP for ICAEW delivers the right content to the right audience on the right platform at the right time. He is also responsible for the Content Desk blog. Read more »

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10thSep 2014

Month In Content Marketing: September

New launches from Warehouse, awards nominations for BA Business Life, the ongoing debate about Native Advertising and are messaging apps the new frontier for content marketing? Read more »

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10thSep 2014

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