Thought Leadership and content marketing

Over the last year thought leadership has become an increasingly hot topic for content marketers with more and more companies in both the UK and US offering websites and magazines that seek to position the brand as industry seers and mavens. Read more »

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20thFeb 2014

Special Measures: Five tips for measuring content success

Posted by: CMA

You can produce all this great content for your clients, but how do you know – and most importantly how do they know - it’s working for them. That was at the heart of the discussion at the latest digital breakfast at the IAB’s Covent Garden HQ on Wednesday, February 12. Read more »

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18thFeb 2014

Don't be blinded by a pick-me frenzy

Posted by: Mags Walker, the fabl

In a pick-me frenzy, it’s all too easy to blind oneself to the talent, knowledge and experience of other potentially great team mates. Read more »

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11thFeb 2014

Five tips for social content sharing

As every journalist knows all too well great online content doesn't always attract the readers it deserves. Alas, spending ages carefully crafting a story and sourcing brilliant images isn’t a direct route to a large and influential readership. Read more »

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11thFeb 2014

Porter magazine: bags of influence

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

Sometimes it’s great to see the tail wag the dog.

The tail in this case is Porter, the fashion magazine being launched by Net-a-Porter. The dog is glossy newsstand publishing. Read more »

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7thFeb 2014

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