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How Can I Use Periscope?

Twitter-owned Periscope is a video streaming app that allows users to broadcast live via a mobile device. These broadcasts can be viewed by anyone who has the app and chooses to tune in to a profile, and they are available to watch for 24 hours after the broadcast. Read more »

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14thDec 2015

SEO is growing up: next itís ad-techís turn

If SEO is a dirty word, it’s a hangover from the spam tactics that dogged the industry over the past decades. Read more »

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20thNov 2015

The Power of keeping it real

Richard Young explains why it’s time for business leaders to drop the facade and start to be more authentic. Read more »

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20thNov 2015

Copywriting and confidence: why two feet is a world apart

Before launching into the copywriting workshop, we put a scale on the wall. Read more »

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20thNov 2015

Building Confidence Is Key in Marketing Wearable Technology

With so many advancements in wearable technology, marketing devices that work in conjunction with smartphones and laptops will require companies to be diligent about who they target and how they present the brand. Read more »

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17thNov 2015

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