Unlimited Holidays, and How Dolly Parton got it Wrong, by 30 Minutes!

Posted by: Scott Bedford, Black Swan

Richard Branson recently made a stir with his announcement that Virgin employees could take as much leave as they wanted. This got me thinking about an equally counter-intuitive work practice that has benefitted the Black Swan creative team – knocking-off on time (sorry Dolly, we work 9-5:30!). I recognise there’s some irony in the idea that leaving work on time is unusual, but for huge swathes of the media industry it still is. Read more »

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2ndOct 2014

Five inside facts on how South Africans consume content

Posted by: Helena Gavera, Cedar SA

It is easy to access data from the US or UK but when last did you see any stats that pertained to Africa in particular and, more specifically, to South Africa? Here’s a brief roundup of five key facts about how, when and where South Africans consume content: Read more »

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26thSep 2014

Social Media Week in real time

Posted by: Anna Chapman, Seven

Why being an insomniac is a great attribute for social media folk... Read more »

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25thSep 2014

The continuing rise of content recommendation systems

Last week we looked at how social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly expecting brands to pay to use their services. Interestingly there has been further debate this week about the relevancy of Facebook for brands with an article in the US website AdWeek reporting how brands are ditching Facebook and turning back to micro sites. Read more »

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25thSep 2014

Photo trends: a snapshot of consumer culture

Posted by: Sonja Klug, Cedar

As part of my work, I am lucky enough to look at a lot of photography, and it’s interesting to see how the latest styles and approaches reflect the ideals of the time, mirroring social developments as well as consumer trends. Read more »

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22ndSep 2014

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