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Future Think: The Future of Connectivity the highlights

Posted by: Charlotte Mulley, Seven 

Our Strategy team put on the second Future Think event, called ‘The Future of Connectivity’, on 1 October. Future Think is a quarterly series of events designed to keep our clients, friends and everyone at Seven up to date with the latest digital trends to help them understand how they can develop more innovative and relevant content. Read more »

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15thOct 2014

Jobsite nominated for a Social Buzz Award!

Posted by: Max Maddox, Seven 

The nominations for 2014’s Social Buzz Awards are out and our work on Jobsite: The Advantage has been nominated for Best B2B Social Media Campaign. Read more »

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15thOct 2014

Content Marketing Media Roundup

Posted by: Samantha Duff, Cedar

This month our content marketing media roundup reviews the lessons to be drawn from the age of the vlogger, and takes a look at the way in which Ello is igniting the battle for and against social media sponsored content.  Read more »

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14thOct 2014

International Content Marketing - Words, Success & Awards

Posted by: Clare Hill, CMA

The International Content Marketing Awards shortlist will be announced next week and the sheer quality of entries really is quite breath taking. Thanks to all of our 60 or so judges from across the agency world, from agencies both within the CMA membership and from outside our membership for taking time and making great effort to get everything back on time, much appreciated. Nominations will be posted on on October 15th so good luck to everyone who entered. There isn’t another set of awards in the world that has such competition within each category and we are looking forward to celebrating with the winners on November 26th at The Roundhouse in Camden. Book Now! Read more »

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7thOct 2014

Facebook is dead, long live Facebook!

Posted by: Ashleigh Soppet, Headstream

Here in the UK we are inherently wired to sniff out the early signs of a scandal. The bigger they are, the harder they fall and right now they don’t get much bigger than Facebook. Read more »

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7thOct 2014

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