Seven flavours for your next videos: Thinking of your audience

Branded video content... Online content marketing... Advertiser-funded production... these are pretty ugly phrases for opportunities that should actually be pretty thrilling. Read more »

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1stJul 2014

Not all content is created equal

Content marketing needs to change from a limited one-way communication tool into an interactive vehicle that delivers value to the consumer and the brand argues Chris Robson at Propagator. Read more »

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27thJun 2014

Why engagement's the new goal for TV land

Posted by: Laurence Akers, Cedar

At a recent MBI Creative Week for the television and film industries, most conversations centred around the importance of connecting with the audience, rather than the size of the audience – curious in an industry where viewing figures have always been the measure of success.  Read more »

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24thJun 2014

The content agency is dead... long live the editorial ad agency?

Posted by: Robin Bonn, Seven

Interesting debate in the office this week – now that content agencies and ad agencies are converging towards a similar skillset, are the days of standalone editorial agencies numbered?  Read more »

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20thJun 2014

The song remains the same

The future of content marketing may be digital but the fundamentals are unchanged, says Dan Davey, MD at Progressive Customer Publishing.and Content Cloud Read more »

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20thJun 2014

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