New British publishing trends and how they might influence content marketing

Posted by: The CMA

Social media influenced designs, using charts and data to tell stories and employing quizzes to engage readers, are all tactics that are being very successfully used in the UK by mainstream publishers. How though could content marketers use them? Read more »

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24thJan 2014

4 trends for native advertising in 2014

Posted by: Robin Bonn, Business Development Director, Seven

So another year passes and another piece of shiny new jargon goes stratospheric. Last year it was content marketing, this year it's been native advertising. So what does 2014 hold for native ads? Read more »

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15thJan 2014

Why brands should listen to the rhythm

Posted by: Paul Keers, London Bureau Chief, White Light Media

How does a brand balance the opportunities for constant communication with the relevance and impact of publishing to a natural rhythm? Read more »

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14thJan 2014

Why the App Store Isnít Enough: Using Content to increase app Downloads

Posted by: Miko Levy, Vice President of Customer Acquisition at Outbrain

Competition in Google Play and Apple’s App Store is fiercer than ever. According to recent announcements from both companies, users now have over two million apps to choose from. When it comes to releasing an app, you’re going to need to consider other methods outside of the App Store to make a splash and drive downloads. Though you may be releasing the ultimate can’t-live-without-it app, smart promotion through content is key to appealing to a larger community and ensuring your app doesn’t get lost in the noise.

Read on for tips to promote your app with content and increase app downloads without breaking the bank. Read more »

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10thJan 2014

Google Glass - through a lens darkly

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, CEO at Wardour

All the best clubs have rules on privacy. I fell foul of one such directive before Christmas when my guests at The Ivy decided to start snapping each other on their camera phones in a fit of bubbly-inspired bonhomie. Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
10thJan 2014

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