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Discover Your Notification Limit with Facebook Notify

In a move to compete with Twitter, the popular social media platform for up-to-the-minute information. Read more »

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22ndJan 2016

Getting emotional to capture a youth audience

It sounds blatantly obvious, but as content marketers, we always have to keep front of mind that the young are the influencers of tomorrow. It’s vital to win them over now, in order to create a new stream of customers in the present and for the future. Read more »

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22ndJan 2016

Im A Food Editor, Get Me Out Of Here

According to Forbes, Mashable and, bugs are set to go mainstream on British dinner plates in 2016. Seven’s Food Editors test the trend by tucking in to insects three ways… Read more »

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22ndJan 2016

Quality, Promotion, Audience, Personalisation & Agile - 5 Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

2015 was a significant year for content marketing agency BlueGlass who really made a mark in the industry, and their managing director, Kevin Gibbons, has taken time to look ahead at what trends he expects to see more of this year: Read more »

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13thJan 2016

It's Red Bee's 10th birthday. But what will our 20th look like? Seven predictions for 2025

The future’s just not as good as it used to be is it? When I was young it was jetpacks, warp speed and flying DeLoreans. But it actually turned out to be online contextual ad retargeting: Read more »

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15thDec 2015

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