Pedantic point-scoring has little to do with good writing

Posted by: Dan Brotzel, Sticky Content

One of the most disappointing by-products of the comment thread – along with people's inability to remember what the original topic was, and the almost inevitable reference to Nazi Germany – is the smug one-upmanship of grammatical peevers and language pedants. Read more »

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3rdJun 2014

Is the home page dead?

Are branded content designers spending too long on the homepage at the expense of the pages that really matter? Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
29thMay 2014

Get Your Mobile Content In Shape For Summer

With hot sunny days on the beach and excitement of the first sounds of an ice cream van come the intense desires for getting into shape. While most will spend the last few weeks of spring hitting the gym, content marketers will be hitting that update button to get their mobile content into shape for summer Read more »

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29thMay 2014

Taking our message to the people

Over the past month we have seen national media taking keen interest in the discipline of content marketing. ‘Take your message to the people’ was the headline given to the full page of coverage The Guardian newspaper (700,000 readership) gave to content marketing following their roundtable debate which was hosted by ADOBE and featured Mediacom, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic, and content specialist agencies Seven and Axonn and PR agency Bite. Read more »

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28thMay 2014

Four tech moves shaping the future of content

Posted by: Robin Barnes, Cedar

In an era where our digital footprint is larger than our carbon footprint and content can be distributed on a plethora of platforms and channels, it begs the question: ‘Where do we go from here?’ Taking a peek into the future of the content space, we explore four strands of inter-related technological development that will have an impact on content over the next five to 10 years…  Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
27thMay 2014

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