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Measuring for success

Posted by: Ed Owen, PCP & Content Desk 

Alan Turing, father of the computer, proposed a test for a ‘thinking machine’ where a panel asks a computer a series of questions. Read more »

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1stDec 2014

Creativity vs logic. Art vs Science. Left brain vs Right brain

It’s a ubiquitous concept: a division which starts in school and is perpetuated throughout life over countless different environments. By the time we finish school many of us have developed the idea we belong to some defined position on this imaginary scale. It can even become a lens through which we view our own personality — how often have you heard someone say they don’t ‘get maths’ or that they are not ‘an arty type’? Read more »

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1stDec 2014

Colour code - What colours say about your brand!

Posted by: Rob Hayes, PCP & Content Desk 

"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment" Claude Monet  Read more »

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1stDec 2014

How to create long-life content

Posted by: Rob Haynes, Freelance Editor,Content Cloud and PCP 

Got milk? If you enjoy a splash of bubbly-fresh gold top on your cereal or in your coffee, you also know the displeasure at finding a soup of acidic curdle in place of the sweet-smelling semi-skimmed. Read more »

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19thNov 2014

Microsoft and More Th>n: why we invest in content

Posted by: Robin Bonn, Seven 

A recent series of interviews with senior marketeers explaining the value that content adds to their businesses. Read more »

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17thNov 2014

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