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A day in the life of…Simon Baker, Head of Branded Content at ITN Productions, ITN’s creative production agency

Having taken ITN’s branded content division from its inception to an industry leading production studio, Simon maintains his watch over a diverse portfolio of clients, from digital content for Heineken and Aviva, to TV campaigns for Lego and Cadbury’s. He is helping marketers & brands to make sense of branded content, shifting their approaches to drive business results. Read more »

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24thFeb 2015

Reverse engineer these Twitter tips for your content

The overlap between content marketing and journalism will probably exercise industry bigwigs for some time. How far should useful content be tilted towards sales? No matter which side of the debate you sit, the skills of a journalist are undoubtedly relevant in many areas. Most notably: Read more »

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23rdFeb 2015

Big data and big content - getting the balance right

Ask a marketer to name the key trends in their industry today and  chances are that very high on their list would be content and data.  Read more »

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19thFeb 2015

Four ways content can help businesses using crowdfunding sites

Over the past few years crowdfunding has become one of the key ways that entrepreneurs find capital for their new ventures. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have enabled countless small companies to connect with investors which has lead to the establishment of some thriving new businesses. Read more »

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13thFeb 2015

August's Friday Faves

Some more Friday Faves from August! Read more »

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12thFeb 2015

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