How content fits into the Internet of Things

Internet-connected fridges, Google Glass, smart watches...everybody’s talking about the Internet of Things. But what does it mean in real, as opposed to ‘geek’, life? And where does content fit in? CMA consultant editor Dominic Mills looks an early content-led piece of marketing activity that uses wearable technology. Read more »

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27thMay 2014

Month in Content Marketing: May

Asda deploys content marketing in a new seasonal campaign, British Airways High Life continues to generate headlines, content marketing spend by brands continues to rise. Plus interesting takes on native advertising, the revival of print media and more. Read more »

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27thMay 2014

A customer publication for a publication's customers

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

There is something extraordinary, almost hall-of-mirrors, about the idea of a customer publication for customers of a publication. But Byline is a new quarterly magazine focussed on giving an exclusive insight into the news gathering and creative process at The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers. Provided for their Times+ members, Byline is essentially a publication about a publication. Read more »

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23rdMay 2014

An introduction to Personalised Content

It has been around for a while now, but is this the year that Personalised Content finally reaches the marketing mainstream? Read more »

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15thMay 2014

The Fabl Fab Five

We all talk a lot about the principles behind content marketing. But there is nothing as inspiring as seeing great content – of any kind – in action.  The fabl, have got there heads together and came up with some of their recent favourites.  Read more »

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8thMay 2014

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