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How to fight a Google penalty

Naturally, Google (and other search engines) are vigilant against the types of sites that employ tricky means to appear higher in search results. Rather than relying on the quality of the content they create, these sites use unnatural links, keyword stuffing and other questionable techniques to appear more authoritative and popular than they actually are. When these sites appear high up in the rankings of a search engine, it damages the reputation of the search site. Read more »

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11thFeb 2015

Cedar's design team pull out their drawers

Last week after some truly great Twitter banter, Hiive (the new professional network for creative industries) threw down a creative challenge we just couldn’t refuse by asking us to join their #whatsinyourtopdrawer social campaign. So here’s our response: Cedar’s top creatives sharing a unique glimpse into the tricks and tools that keep them inspired/their desks uncluttered... Read more »

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2ndFeb 2015

10 Things Global Brand Marketers Need to Watch for in 2015

2015 just might be the year where the Internet matures into adulthood. The maturation process has taken about 20 years, just about the same rate that we humans mature into the adult phase of our lives. The awkward stages of childhood are now just a memory, and the web is fast, mobile and global. Read more »

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1stFeb 2015

Five trends defining content marketing in 2014

Posted by: Chris Rayment, Cedar 

2014 was the year of content marketing, but what were the key shifts in this field over the last year? Our insight and planning director, Chris Rayment takes a look at the trends that shaped the industry: Read more »

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1stFeb 2015

3 Ways Kids are Like Web Content

Posted by: Stacy D, Enveritas Group

Another blog post about kids? Sorry. As a single parent, my round-the-clock job is taking care of two kids. My day job often has me thinking about website content. So, lately I’ve thought about how they’re the same. Here are three ways. Read more »

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1stFeb 2015

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