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Bitesize Content and Native Disclosure Guidelines

The basic principles for advertisers to successfully engage with people haven’t really changed since the first days of print advertorials. 

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8thFeb 2016

Niche blogging makes a comeback thanks to brands

It may be hard to believe, but the technological roots of the social networks that we so take for granted, are only around fifteen years old. Read more »

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4thFeb 2016

GMB awards Member Magazine to Vivid Content Marketing

GMB trade union has appointed Vivid – the fast-growing content marketing agency startup, to create its regionally segmented magazine for GMB’s national membership.

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2ndFeb 2016

How can you increase awareness and engagement on Twitter?

Twitter has been going through the mill a little recently. There is a lot of talk about the tanking share price -  apparently founder Jack Dorsey is no longer a billionaire, but only a millionaire - as well rumours of takeovers including a controversial one (which has been denied) by News International. Read more »

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28thJan 2016

Our ambition for 2016: make content part of every CMO's checklist

The Content Marketing Association’s Clare Hill explains how, by putting content at the forefront of every industry conversation about the future of marketing strategy, she aims to make it part of the CMO’s checklist Read more »

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27thJan 2016

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