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Customer publishing and the iPad

We are approaching the year mark of the launch of Apple's iPad. Since we reviewed it in April 2010, thousands of inches have been written about 2010's most wanted gadget as consumers embraced the new platform. Over the past months, an increasing number of publishers have jumped on the chance to take be part of the growing market. Several are planning or have already released iPad versions of their magazines - we have even had iPad only magazines - that seek to interact with consumers on a new level. Read more »

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14thJan 2011

Digital Breakfast dates and topics 2011

We can confirm the dates of the Digital Breakfasts for 2011, as well as an draft outline of the topics. As the digital landscape is changing so quickly, the topics are subject to change throughout the year.

The next breakfast is on Tues 9th Feb looking at the iPad and will be held at the Apple UK offices, Regent. View the 2011 breakfast dates »

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17thDec 2010

The digital future - highlights from this weeks Digital Breakfast

London might have been carpeted in snow but that didn't prevent the last Digital Breakfast of 2010 being a well attended and very lively affair. Three speakers; Michael Nutley, Editor in chief of NMA, David Maher Roberts CEO of The Filter, and Mike Butcher, Editor of TechCrunch Europe, unveiled their vision of the future and sparked some fascinating debates along the way. Read more »

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3rdDec 2010

Apple’s iAd set to launch in the UK in December

Apple has announced that it will expand its iAd mobile advertising network to Europe over the next couple of months, with UK being among the first countries to start using it; big brands like L'Oréal, Renault, Absolute Radio, Nespresso and LG Display have already signed up to the service. Read more »

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18thNov 2010

Google Instant and what it means for customer publishers

Google logo

If you are in the business of producing content based websites then you will probably know at least a little about search engine optimisation - or SEO as it most often referred to. Read full article »

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9thSep 2010

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