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Is Google about to strike back against content farms?

There has been a lot of talk recently online about the growth of so-called ‘content farms.' Epitomised by huge US company Demand Media, which recently held its IPO with a value of $1.5 billion, these are companies/sites which deliver huge amounts of content most of which is driven by key words and search terms. In other words they are specifically written to answer questions that people are searching for. Read more »

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15thFeb 2011

Digital Breakfast Live - content on the iPad - live blog here tomorrow at 9am

Unfortunately due to a technical problem we are unable to offer this service. We apologies for any inconvenience caused

If you haven't managed to get a ticket for our digital breakfast discussing iPad Publishing tomorrow - Tues 8th Feb (and I am afraid they sold out weeks ago) don't fret. We'll be live blogging from the event at Apple UK here on the APA site tomorrow so you can find out exactly what Apple and other industry experts think about the device and how it will deliver opportunities for publishers.

You can also add your comments too, and even ask questions (which we can then ask the speakers for a direct reply).

So come back here at 9am tomorrow.  Read more »

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7thFeb 2011

Publishing and the iPad: One year after the launch

It was the most anticipated launch of 2010. Now, almost one year later, the uptake of the iPad has been astonishing with over 15 million of the devices already sold. It has also sparked a scramble among the company's rivals to deliver competitive products with Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung and LG all about to offer their own new tablets. 

But what impact has it had on the publishing industry? It is really about to become the saviour of publishing as some media companies have suggested? Here's a quick round up of the first year of the iPad. Read more »

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31stJan 2011

Seven fashion brands that are embracing online branded content

Online branded content is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2011. Retail brands - in particular fashion brands - are looking to become more than just a commodity; they want to be a lifestyle. And, as APA's Julia Hutchinson noted ahead of the International Content Summit last year, branded content is the bridge between brand and lifestyle.

As we predict that more fashion brands will turn to branded online content, we have taken a closer look at seven brands that have already taken the step towards a digital content future. Read more »

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24thJan 2011

Customer publishing and the iPad

We are approaching the year mark of the launch of Apple's iPad. Since we reviewed it in April 2010, thousands of inches have been written about 2010's most wanted gadget as consumers embraced the new platform. Over the past months, an increasing number of publishers have jumped on the chance to take be part of the growing market. Several are planning or have already released iPad versions of their magazines - we have even had iPad only magazines - that seek to interact with consumers on a new level. Read more »

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14thJan 2011

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