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What can content marketers learn from crowdfunding?

One of the most significant web-based phenomenons of recent years has been the rise of crowdfunding. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have enabled many businesses, from gadget companies through to theatre troupes, to raise serious amounts of money for their projects from punters across the world. Read more »

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18thSep 2015

Five great recent social media campaigns from brands

Here are five recent social media campaigns that have been highly successful. All of them use content in interesting ways, whether it be to drive competition entries or to take consumers closer to the brand. Read more »

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10thSep 2015

More than just ads and funny clips - How are media companies using Vine?

Six seconds doesn’t sound like much. But in our rapidly-changing world of instant entertainment, a six-second Vine video can add a succinct flourish to a brand’s social engagement. Read more »

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3rdSep 2015

Month in Content Marketing: August 2015

Qantas unveils innovative digital magazine, the CIM revamps its content strategy and how Silicon Valley startups use content Read more »

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25thAug 2015

Oi, CMOs…if you’re worried about content, call the CMA

A new survey of global CMOs reveals content is one of their top concerns. No problem, says Clare Hill of the Content Marketing Association. They know who to call. Read more »

Posted in Industry News
24thAug 2015

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