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Is your YouTube channel a video graveyard?

I am spending an increasing amount of time each month talking to businesses about YouTube and it’s a familiar conversation every time: “Our YouTube channel is a mess - it resembles a dumping ground for all the videos we’ve ever made and we don’t know what to do about it…” Read more »

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3rdMay 2016

4 Ways to Find Content Marketing Improvements in Google Analytics

With the dust now well and truly settled on the first quarter of the year, it’s time to dive into the analytics and see where we can find improvements for the rest of the year. Read more »

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27thApr 2016
26thApr 2016

7 ways to enhance advocacy for your brand

As marketers, we talk about influencer programmes a lot, and it’s true that working strategically with bloggers, video creators and celebrities is a great way to access high quality new audiences. Read more »

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25thApr 2016

Quarter 1 has flown by - CMA members benefit

Quarter one has flown at The CMA with new members joining, existing members pitching for new CMA client brief’s as a result of our Advance Service and loads of members taking to the stage across a multitude of industry speaking engagementsRead more »

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4thApr 2016

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