Find yourself on the dance floor at the International Content Marketing Awards 2014!

Watch the main highlights of the evening at this year's International Content Marketing Awards 2014. Read more »

11thDec 2014

See all the best bits from the International Content Marketing Summit 2014

Check out the key highlights from the day and our fantastic speakers at this year's Summit. Read more »

11thDec 2014

2014 International Content Marketing Awards Winners!

The Content Marketing Association (CMA), the industry body for the content marketing industry, revealed the winners of its fifth annual International Content Marketing Awards Wednersday night at The Roundhouse in London. Read more »

28thNov 2014

Exclusive pictures from our International Content Marketing Summit and Awards 2014!

Here you can all find of the photography from throughout the day at The International Content Marketing Summit and Awards.   Read more »

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28thNov 2014

Our iPad review - is it good news for publishers?

What is it? - There can't be too many people in publishing who don't know what an iPad is. Over the past few months the device has been hyped as everything from the future of computers through to the saviour of publishing. The truth is it is an innovative (though not that innovative as similar devices have been available for years) touch screen PC. Read more »

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30thApr 2010

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