2015 Already off to a great start with The CMA signing up 2 new members

The Content Marketing Association (CMA), the industry body for the content marketing industry, starts the new year already by welcoming two new members.  Read more »

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16thJan 2015

The CMA Key Diary Dates for 2015

For all CMA members please add the following key dates to your calendars. We are changing the structure of our annual meetings and we are looking forward to providing you with more networking opportunities moving forward. Read more »

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15thJan 2015

The CMA Launch industry leading Digital Breakfast Programme for 2015

Happy New Year from The CMA – and what a better way to start the New Year than to attend one of our fantastic monthly digital breakfasts! Read more »

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14thJan 2015

Our iPad review - is it good news for publishers?

What is it? - There can't be too many people in publishing who don't know what an iPad is. Over the past few months the device has been hyped as everything from the future of computers through to the saviour of publishing. The truth is it is an innovative (though not that innovative as similar devices have been available for years) touch screen PC. Read more »

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30thApr 2010

Think announces new client: Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

Think announces new client: Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

Think is delighted to announce that Field Fisher Waterhouse is the latest client to join its portfolio, strengthening the leading independent customer publisher's position in the legal sector. Read more »

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30thApr 2010

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