Julia Hutchison, APA’s COO, discusses Mango’s move into online branded content

Julia Hutchison, APA's COO, discusses Mango's move into online branded content and how brands are recognising and embracing this area of marketing. Read more »

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8thApr 2011

The relevance of mail in a digital world

If anyone doubts the effectiveness and relevance of mail in a digital world then the following stats will surely dispel those myths. Using TGI data 21.9m British adults have taken action after receiving mail in the past 12 months. 14.2m have bought something, 10.5m have used a voucher or coupon and 6m have visited a store. View the full presentation »

7thApr 2011

River and Liberty to publish luxury magazine

Liberty; London's quintessentially English emporium, has contracted River to deliver a suite of publications over the coming year for sartorially eloquent and style obsessed Londoners. Read more »

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6thApr 2011

Julia Hutchison writes to Marketing about Google customer magazine

In this week's Marketing magazine, Julia Hutchison, the APA's COO writes a letter responding to the news that Google has launched Think Quarterly, a new customer magazine. Read more »

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6thApr 2011

Natural versus paid search

Posted by: Jim Boulton, Story Worldwide

In 2010, $29 billion was spent on Google AdWords, up 25% on 2009. As AdWords represents approximately 78% of the paid search market, that makes the entire market worth $37 billion. What a waste of money. Read more »

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6thApr 2011

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