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Week in branded content: 26 August 2011

This week APA's Julia Hutchison provides further comment on ABC's latest circulation figures; Seven offers an exclusive interview with Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki for Elevate magazine; how brands should act in the digital space; a new magazine for Nokia; and a look at why branded entertainment content works.     Read more »

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26thAug 2011

PROJECT iPad magazine unveils reader-led design and navigation refresh

PROJECT, a joint venture by Virgin Digital Publishing and Seven, sees the launch of a revolutionary design and navigation refresh for the world's first ever iPad only magazine. Thanks to the invaluable feedback from fans, the latest issue is setting an industry benchmark for iPad magazine user interface design, for others to follow.  Read more »

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26thAug 2011

ABC Results: Julia Hutchison comments on MediaTel

Providing a seamless brand journey Julia Hutchison analyses the latest ABC CCR report on MediaTel, forum for the sharpest opinion in the media industry.

Julia takes a look at the how customer magazines are performing, device convergence and how providing a seamless brand journey is key in today's new media landscape. View article >> Read more »

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24thAug 2011

This week in branded content: 19 August

This week in branded content: 19 August

This week sees the latest ABC figures showing that demand for branded magazines remains high with 25 titles in the top 100, Virgin's internal communications magazine Roger is moving online, Google acquires Motorola Mobility, how brands can counteract social media fatigue and exactly how do people feel about brands on Twitter?     Read more »

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19thAug 2011

FuturePlus: ABC figures for Odeon magazine

In the ABC results out today, Odeon magazine, published by FuturePlus has risen by 6.8% year on year. Circulation now stands at 186,740 compared to 174,920 in January - June 2010. Read more »

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18thAug 2011

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