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Week in branded content: 12 August 2011

Mid-August is known as very slow news-wise as many workers are away on holiday and agencies are planning their pitches, ready for September to come around. This week however the news were dominated by the dramatic London and UK riots - is social media really to blame? - and the overall news has been anything but ‘slow'.

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12thAug 2011

Wardour shortlisted for an AOP Award for 'Man on Fire'

An image taken by award-winning content marketing agency Wardour for the cover of a client magazine has been selected by the AOP Photographers Awards to be included in the 2011 book and exhibition. The awards are the most prestigious and highly respected competition for professional photographers worldwide and receive more than 4,000 entries each year. Read more »

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12thAug 2011

Custom Content Council Pearl Awards

Cusom Content Council

APA Members: Secure the discounted CCC rate for the eighth annual Pearl Awards Ceremony Monday, November 7 in New York City.

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11thAug 2011

Just two seconds to make an impression

Julia Hutchison

Julia Hutchison, COO, APA, on the value of content marketing...

Research shows that brands have just two seconds to make an impression when targeting the email inboxes of prospect customers. Added to this is the depressing statistic that over half of people will delete the email without even opening it. Read more »

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11thAug 2011

Don't tar us with the same brush

Posted by: Eila Madden, Bladonmore

I had a very telling conversation with a tabloid journalist friend recently. It went something along the lines of: "Well, if you don't pay police officers, how do you get the information?" "By doing a bit of good old-fashioned digging," I replied. Read more »

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9thAug 2011

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