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When brands say too much

Posted by: Paul Keers, Axon

In the digital space, it's far too easy for a brand to end up saying too much, too often, about too little. Read more »

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9thAug 2011

Media fragmentation, owned and earned, what’s it all about Mrs?

Posted by: AgencyBelle, Seven

I'm totally immersed in this topic right now.  But what prompted me to get on my ‘Blog box' today was a recent conversation I had with a very capable and aspiring account executive at our agency.  She was asking some great questions, so I thought I would share these with you.

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9thAug 2011

‘Feeding your Little Ones’ – Sainsbury’s Complete Nutrition Guide to Feeding your Family from Pregnancy, to Birth and Beyond

Having a baby is one of life's most exciting experiences, and knowing how best to feed yourself and your little one can be a daunting prospect - but help is at hand! Award-winning baby and toddler club, Sainsbury's Little Ones, is about to launch a brilliant new book for parents-to-be. Read more »

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9thAug 2011

APA launch Paper Helpline for members in partnership with Sappi UK

We are pleased to announce a new service from our Paper Partner Sappi UK - a free paper helpline. This service is available to all APA members, and an invaluable source for any paper related questions, advice or dummy samples. If you are working on a pitch and need any technical help with print or paper the helpline is there for you! Just email any questions to

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9thAug 2011

A touch of class

Posted by: Julia Hutchison, APA

A while ago I had the pleasure of taking part in a roundtable discussion all about the role of print. Sitting alongside me in a very grand meeting room in the Stationers' Hall near St Paul's were a number of senior media and marketing executives, all gathered to theorise and debate the future of print. Read more »

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5thAug 2011

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