Just two seconds to make an impression

Julia Hutchison

Julia Hutchison, COO, APA, on the value of content marketing...

Research shows that brands have just two seconds to make an impression when targeting the email inboxes of prospect customers. Added to this is the depressing statistic that over half of people will delete the email without even opening it. Read more »

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11thAug 2011

Don't tar us with the same brush

Posted by: Eila Madden, Bladonmore

I had a very telling conversation with a tabloid journalist friend recently. It went something along the lines of: "Well, if you don't pay police officers, how do you get the information?" "By doing a bit of good old-fashioned digging," I replied. Read more »

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9thAug 2011

When brands say too much

Posted by: Paul Keers, Axon

In the digital space, it's far too easy for a brand to end up saying too much, too often, about too little. Read more »

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9thAug 2011

Media fragmentation, owned and earned, what’s it all about Mrs?

Posted by: AgencyBelle, Seven

I'm totally immersed in this topic right now.  But what prompted me to get on my ‘Blog box' today was a recent conversation I had with a very capable and aspiring account executive at our agency.  She was asking some great questions, so I thought I would share these with you.

Read more »

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9thAug 2011

‘Feeding your Little Ones’ – Sainsbury’s Complete Nutrition Guide to Feeding your Family from Pregnancy, to Birth and Beyond

Having a baby is one of life's most exciting experiences, and knowing how best to feed yourself and your little one can be a daunting prospect - but help is at hand! Award-winning baby and toddler club, Sainsbury's Little Ones, is about to launch a brilliant new book for parents-to-be. Read more »

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9thAug 2011

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