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Our top 20 tweets from Content Summit 2011

Following on from our successful International Content Marketing Summit in November we have put together a list of our top 20 favorite tweets from the day. We will also be directly tweeting congratulations all those who made our top 20!

If you missed the event this year, the date for next year’s summit is Weds 28 Nov, Old Billingsgate, London. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest summit and content marketing news, views, blogs and research. Read more »

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15thDec 2011

International Content Summit 2011 - 60 unmissable quotes

On Wednesday 23 November 2011, over 400 marketers, publishers and brand owners gathered in Old Billingsgate, London to listen to some of the world's leading experts on content. Here are their thoughts, boiled down to 60 key points.  Read more »

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7thDec 2011

APA Wins Inaugural Brand Event Award

APA win Brand Event Award

Last night APA's first ever International Content Summit was named 'Best media event strategy of the year' at Haymarket's inaugural Brand Event Awards.

The summit which was held in November 2010 at Old Billingsgate was described as having defined a discipline and clearly claimed ownership of content as a marketing medium for APA's members. The judges agreed that APA was ahead of the curve and had won the land-grab for the emerging channel. The summit line-up was impressive with stalwarts such as Rory Sutherland, Julie Meyer, Luke Johnson and David Seers taking the stage leaving no stone unturned. Read more »

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1stDec 2011

Summit review part 2: Localisation, the brand ideal and being true to yourself, the secrets of content revealed

Keynote speaker Will Sansom (Writer and consultant at Contagious) kicked off the afternoon session at APA's second International Content Summit: Content and Conversion. He first identified an emerging trend of "dude we should do" mentality - the practice of doing things because you think you should, rather than knowing why you should. To move away from this he made three suggestions:     Read more »

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25thNov 2011

Summit review part 1: The Future of Content

The second APA International Content Summit: Content and Convergence kicked off with a metaphorical crystal ball revealing the future of content. As customers are becoming content makers in their own right the conference centred on understanding the way marketers can produce highly effective and engaging content whilst recognising the complementarity it has with user-generated content. Read more »

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25thNov 2011

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