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The future of branded video - APA Digital Breakfast highlights

As brands look to engage with their audiences on new levels, customer publishers are in a great position to drive innovation and creativity in branded content video forward.

Highlights from our 3 speakers - Brightcove, YouTube and FMG at this week's Digital Breakfast. Read more »

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12thNov 2010

Lights, camera, action CONTENT

Whether it be viral, instructional, interactive or just entertaining, organisations are beginning to warm to the idea that video can enhance customer conversations, encourage engagement and build long lasting loyalty. We investigate how the medium is becoming an increasingly popular tool for brands to communicate with consumers. Read more »

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9thNov 2010

APA Content Summit 2010: APA launch promotional video viral

In anticipation of the upcoming International Content Summit 2010, we've created a short video to explain what content is and how it can be used to boost a brand's power and reach.

With animation based on an original work from illustrator James Joyce and a voiceover from legendary actor Alan Ford (Snatch, Lock, Stock...), the two-minute video cuts through the marketing jungle to deliver a solid explanation of the effectiveness of content, using a series of staggering facts to demonstrate its  potential. Read more »

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4thNov 2010

Five video hosting website alternatives to YouTube

Five video hosting website alternatives to YouTube

Branded video content is increasingly becoming hugely important for the customer publishing community, especially those companies with accounts with food and drinks retailers and manufacturers. F

or instance, Waitrose has a very successful YouTube channel which features Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal. Tippex also used YouTube to engage with consumers, releasing an integrated video and advertisement campaign, in which the viewer can choose how the story about a bear and a hunter ends. Read more »

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2ndNov 2010

How to make a success of a branded YouTube channel

One of the big stories this week was the launch of Waitrose's YouTube video channel. Supermarkets unveiling video channels is nothing new, Sainsbury's and Asda are both on the site already, but Waitrose's page really is quite special. Read more about Waitrose channel... »

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18thJun 2010

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