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This week in branded content

This week sees several new wins for customer publishing agencies, a growing number of publishers are calling for more transparency in brand-initiated tweets and blogs, research finds that the internet is more important to children than mobile phones, and The New York Times claims that blogging is in apparent decline. Read more »

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25thFeb 2011

Call in the content experts

This week's Campaign magazine includes a letter from the APA in response to recent article ‘Do agencies 'get' branded content."

Read the full article here »

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24thFeb 2011

Brand Republic and Marketing online: ABC Reports

Brand Republic and Marketing online - the performance of customer magazines in the recent ABC report is discussed with lead comments from the APA. Read more »

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18thFeb 2011

Consumer demand for branded content, the monetised model and convergence drives ABC success for customer magazines

Julia Hutchison, COO, APA

"The most recent ABC CCR shows that demand for branded content remains high. Despite the constraints placed on marketing budgets over the last six months; a concern for many channels, of the 23 branded titles that appear in the top 100 magazines by circulation and distribution, 65% have experienced growth. In a period where it would have been easy to reduce circulation, consumer demand for engaging and relevant content has demonstrated the value of the medium and underlined its dominance of the ABCs. ABC results »

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17thFeb 2011

AOL acquires Huffington Post on its way to becoming world's biggest online publisher

AOL has acquired one of the most popular sites in the US, the Huffington Post. It is the latest in a series of acquisitions for the company which has over the past few years invested heavily in high profile blogs such as TechCrunch, and Engadget. Read more »

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8thFeb 2011

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