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The APA Jobs Board

The APA (Association of Publishing Agencies) has improved its online offering by adding a jobs board to its website. This function enables members to post job adverts online and for potential candidates to respond by easily uploading their CV.

The jobs section is easy to use for both parties; it allows candidates to search for jobs and simply apply online via the APA website giving members the ability to easily find potential employees.

Have a look at the jobs board >>

If you require further details please contact Phil Batten Read more »

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16thFeb 2011

Apple launches magazine subscriptions for the iPad

As has been predicted for a while now Apple has announced the launch of a subscription service to all publishers of content-based apps on the App Store. From now on publishers can offer subs for magazines, setting both the price and the length of the subscription (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly). Read more »

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15thFeb 2011

Is Google about to strike back against content farms?

There has been a lot of talk recently online about the growth of so-called ‘content farms.' Epitomised by huge US company Demand Media, which recently held its IPO with a value of $1.5 billion, these are companies/sites which deliver huge amounts of content most of which is driven by key words and search terms. In other words they are specifically written to answer questions that people are searching for. Read more »

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15thFeb 2011

5 social curation sites/apps and why customer publishing agencies should be interested

Social curation has been a hot topic in the digital world since the latter part of 2010. With an ever growing base of content fighting for consumers' attention, people are looking for ways to filter the stream of information and news. Read more »

Posted in Media Coverage
15thFeb 2011

The Marketing Society’s Question Time with Ray Snoddy

The Marketing Society's Question Time on February 17 will be hosted by media commentator and journalist Ray Snoddy, who presents the BBC's right-to-reply programme Newswatch 

The panellists are all leading marketers, including Yonca Brunini from Google, Russell Morris from LOVEFiLM, Nick Blunden from the Economist Online, and Nimai Swaroop from RBS. Read more »

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15thFeb 2011

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