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Tourism Toronto chooses Spafax as new content and sales partner

Spafax, one of Canada's leading providers of custom marketing media solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Tourism Toronto for the creation, publishing and ad sales of their publications: Toronto Magazine (in two versions) and the Toronto Visitors Guide. Read more »

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7thJul 2011

Integration: that's what you need

Posted by: Julia Hutchison, APA

This month, Julia Hutchison gets to grips with integration and reveals the secret to giving your customer the complete communications package. Warning: contains song lyrics. Read more »

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5thJul 2011

Eating at the trough

Posted by: Jim Boulton, Story Worldwide

The last 40 years have seen a period of fantastic technological change, however, it would be inaccurate to describe the pace of development as exponential. Rather, we have seen incredible bursts of creativity followed by periods of financial exploitation and technological stagnation. Read more »

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5thJul 2011

Brand and marketing research

This month, we discover how retail brands are missing a trick when it comes to luring their customers to buy in-store, the emerging trends in digital media habits, and the most common mistakes made by online retailers. Read more »

4thJul 2011

Think before you print (and film)

Posted by: Nick McAlpine, Bladonmore

"In 2011 companies will begin to say goodbye to the written word. The basic unit of communication will no longer be typed out in e-mails. It will be shot in pictures and shown on video." Read more »

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4thJul 2011

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