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Think before you print (and film)

Posted by: Nick McAlpine, Bladonmore

"In 2011 companies will begin to say goodbye to the written word. The basic unit of communication will no longer be typed out in e-mails. It will be shot in pictures and shown on video." Read more »

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4thJul 2011

Tesco blazes publishing trail in China

Tesco is proud to be launching the first consumer retail magazine in China.

Tesco Lifestyle, a free quarterly 72 page magazine, launches on June 24th. It will kick off with 750,000 copies circulated in Tesco's Shanghai and Shenyang stores, distributed at the till. The publication is to be handled by Cedar Communications, and will be free to customers. Read more »

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1stJul 2011

The Solstice, some Lions, Bono and a Typo?

Posted by: Mark Bainbridge

And so June arrives and with it the summer proper - with its' wasps, pink arms and rain, as luck would have it I spent the longest day, long distance driving.   Read more »

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1stJul 2011

Week in Branded Content: 01 July

This week's sees an upbeat report about the state of customer publishing in the UK, major wins for FuturePlus, John Brown and River, some good publishing news from News Corp and Conde Nast and the launch of Google's answer to Facebook. Read more »

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1stJul 2011

Respect for Print

Posted by: Paul Keers, Axon Publishing

Despite - perhaps even because of - the success of digital, print has gained a new-found respect. Read more »

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1stJul 2011

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