Story Worldwide's Archaeological Dig of the Web receives worldwide attention during Internet Week New York.

Story Worldwide

Visit the virtual exhibition and vote for your slice of history while you still can!
Digital Archaeology, is happening this week in New York (June 6-9). It brings some of the Internet's earliest and most influential websites back to life in an interactive exhibition giving visitors the opportunity to surf 28 websites using original hardware and software corresponding to the period of each site's launch. Read Full article »

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9thJun 2011

Why we love print. But only some of the time

Posted by: Sophie Hewitt - Jones, Bladonmore

In today's connected world, more and more content is being consumed online or via mobile. But this does not mean this is the right way for all content to be communicated to all audiences. Read more »

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9thJun 2011

What time does journalism resume?

Posted by: Dominic Duffy

Having acknowledged that print is no longer a single-most prominent medium for content, the publishing industry has been hard at work adapting its business in an attempt to exploit the reach and capability of a rapidly expanding Internet. Perhaps most apparent is the frenzied activity in the business of news journalism. Read more »

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8thJun 2011

Should brands take their customer magazines in house?

Posted by: Geri Richards, Publicis Blueprint

This question must have passed through the minds of many a marketer with a customer magazine. Read more »

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8thJun 2011

Content is a boardroom issue

Posted by Sean King, Seven

Something big has happened in client circles. It's hard to tell exactly when it took place, maybe it has just crept up, but in my mind for the first time in my 25 years in media, content is now a board room issue. The well-worn cliché that ‘content is king' has now come to pass.  Read more »

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7thJun 2011

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