Should brands take their customer magazines in house?

Posted by: Geri Richards, Publicis Blueprint

This question must have passed through the minds of many a marketer with a customer magazine. Read more »

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8thJun 2011

Content is a boardroom issue

Posted by Sean King, Seven

Something big has happened in client circles. It's hard to tell exactly when it took place, maybe it has just crept up, but in my mind for the first time in my 25 years in media, content is now a board room issue. The well-worn cliché that ‘content is king' has now come to pass.  Read more »

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7thJun 2011

Apple offers long awaited boost to magazine publishers

Apple announced details of their new operating system iOS 5 last night at their Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Amongst the many new features and updates announced is the release of Apple's central Magazine Newsstand, which has been long awaited and brings a welcome boost to the magazine industry. Read more »

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7thJun 2011

Dare to make a difference

Sappi Fine Paper Europe launches the 12th edition of the Ideas that Matter Graphic Competition and challenges you to project your passion through paper. Read more »

Posted in Member news
7thJun 2011

Its time to reassess the humble pageturner

Published by: Paul Keers, Axon Publishing

There is something fundamentally comfortable about page-turning. Perhaps it taps into our lifetime of print reading (and so may not be true for coming generations), or perhaps it's the way it presents content in blocks rather than a stream. Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
6thJun 2011

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