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Radiohead produce free printed newspaper to promote new album

Radiohead have produced a printed newspaper that will be given away at 61 locations worldwide to promote the release of their album the King of Limbs. The band worked with artist, Stanley Donwood, to produce the ink-and-paper handout called the Universal Sigh. Read more »

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28thMar 2011

March, time, madness and the super moon

Posted by: Mark Bainbridge

I have always loved pictures - since I purchased by first Russian made Zenith EM SLR - a camera with a shutter mechanism like a French guillotine and the immortal words of our photography teacher "Piggy" Purchiss  back in the 1970's "our images will outlast ourselves".  Indeed - I still have the first roll of black and white 35mm I shot in the Rose Garden in Regents Park. Read more »

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28thMar 2011

Google enters the magazine market

Technological developments continue to gather apace in the online environment and there is certainly a growing consumer appetite for digital content, demonstrated by the launch of the first iPad only magazine The Daily. As a result, one may be under the impression that print editions are falling out of favour.

However, one of the world's largest and most powerful digital brands has just launched a magazine in the UK; the power of print in this internet age cannot be epitomised any better than by Google's launch of Think Quarterly. Read more »

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25thMar 2011

Seven’s ‘Generation i’ Survey reveals the most up-to-date picture of the UK's iPad audience

The iPad is rapidly changing the way people engage with content. Over half (51%) of iPad owners who had read magazines both in print and in interactive format on the iPad preferred the experience on Apple's multimedia device. That's good news for brands looking to extend the reach of existing print titles and for publishers looking to break out of print. Read more »

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25thMar 2011

Direct mail leads advertising recovery

The UK advertising market has brushed off fears about the health of the economy to register a 6.9% rise to £15.5bn in 2010, with mail leading the way, according to the latest Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report. Read more »

25thMar 2011

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