What does a digital future look like for publishers?

Posted by: Mike Burgess, Seven

I've been asked to talk at the Guardian Changing Media Summit. The theme of the session is a look into the future trends in online media. I decided to talk about paid for content and mobile devices such as the iPad. Read more »

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16thMar 2011

Not another iPad article

Posted by: Dominic Duffy

Actually it is. Another iPad article, I mean. You see, I'm conscious that in the 'meeja' world, iPad fatigue seems to be setting in. The frenzied pre-launch excitement has been replaced by an almost palpable resignation. Read more »

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15thMar 2011

Competing for attention

Posted by: Paul Keers, Axon Publishing

A recent Guardian feature questioned the ability of mainstream publishers to compete for attention in the digital space. Given the ease with which an iPad user can flit away to a movie, or a game, will on-screen editorial hold their attention? Read more »

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15thMar 2011

Behavioural Economics and Nudge Marketing

Posted by: Jim Boulton, Story Worldwide

Behavioural Economics and its' hipper, more down to earth bed fellow "Nudge Marketing" are certainly flavour of the month. From the APA Content Summit's key note speaker, Rory Sutherland, to Barack Obama and David Cameron, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein's book "Nudge - Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness" has become the bed time reading of choice for anybody who is anybody in the world of brand communications. Read more »

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15thMar 2011

The Rural Correspondent: February

Posted by: Mark Bainbridge

It's February and probably the dog-end of the year - Christmas and Valentine's Day have come and gone in theirs Victorian attempts to revive a month without charm or character; whilst spring remains just out of reach. Read more »

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15thMar 2011

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