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While sitting on a train heading to Manchester for a client meeting last week, I found myself with a rare opportunity for people watching. The busy carriage held most forms of modern human life: suited executives punching their Blackberrys, students working on their laptops, kids playing computer games while their parents caught up with their texts. Read more »

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15thMar 2011

Stevie Spring, Chief Executive of Future plc to be the new Deputy Chair of The PPA

Stevie Spring, Chief Executive of Future plc, is to be the new incoming Deputy Chair of the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Read more »

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15thMar 2011

Brand and Marketing Research

This month: the world's biggest brands get social, why Facebook is more important than you think, how the mobile is overtaking the PC, and why new TVs could change France's viewing habits forever. Plus, could ringback tone advertising be the next big thing? Read more »

14thMar 2011

Walstead to acquire St Ives Web

Walstead Investments is to acquire St Ives plc s Web Division ( St Ives Web ) in a £20 million deal
announced today. Read more »

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14thMar 2011

Publicis Blueprint, Neal Anderson respnds to article on Branded Content

A letter written by Neal Anderson, Group Account and Digital Director at Publicis Blueprint, published in New Media Age yesterday was written in response to a feature on branded content published in a previous issue of NMA. Read more »

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14thMar 2011

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