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A writer's right to refuse

Posted by: Matt Boothman, Redhouse Lane    

When is a writer not a writer? When everyone and mother has a stake in the content s/he's writing. Read more »

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30thSep 2011

Custom content a perfect approach for the Gulf

Posted by: Jonty Summers, Bladonmore

Organisations in the Middle East have traditionally enjoyed working with a tightly controlled business media that prints press releases verbatim. In many leaders' minds, this negates the need to create custom content and actively engage with a broader stakeholder group. Read more »

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29thSep 2011

Multi-channel = multi-frequency

Paul Keers, Axon

Posted by: Paul Keers

Frequency is a key element, often overlooked, in the construction of multi-channel communications.

It is a crucial consideration in what you are saying, and where you are saying it. Read more »

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29thSep 2011

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

Posted by: Mark Bainbridge

I am a people watcher and always have been fascinated by how we interact, I hastily qualify that by adding that's very different from being a voyeur...largely as I watch behaviour through data and research, rather than a telescope (ahem), that said, I think we are globally becoming people watchers and certainly online we are - given the astounding latest numbers around Facebook and Linked In. Read more »

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27thSep 2011

One stop shopping is not the answer

Posted by: Natasha Jackson, River

For those of you who have read a few of my previous blog posts you'll probably notice I'm a fairly social person, in a digital capacity that is.  Like many others, for a short while I thought Facebook had it all.  I thought it gave me and my clients everything we needed: a place to chat about brands, a place to like other brands, a place to share photos, a place to gossip and be nosey.  But, the emergence of social commerce put my love affair with Facebook at risk.

  Read more »

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8thSep 2011

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