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Great copy isn't great content

Posted by: Robin Bonn, Seven

One of the first things we tend to hear from potential clients is that they're not getting the best advice around Content Marketing. Often this is because it's coming from non-specialist agencies, some of whom still believe that great copy is all that goes into great content. This is doing everyone a disservice. Read more »

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5thDec 2012

What's new in marketing research this month…

This month, we discover how luxury brands are embracing digital, why UK marketers prefer small agencies, and the future performance of online retail outlets.     Read more »

4thDec 2012

30 top takeaways of the International Content Summit 2012

Our overview of the best comments from the days speakers. Read more »

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4thDec 2012

10 award-winning content lessons

This year's International Content Marketing Awards was a shining display of the  very best the content marketing industry has to offer. Within the 28 winning entries, there's a vast amount of lessons to be learnt about planning, developing, creating and distributing content. Here are just ten.     Read more »

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4thDec 2012

Stand and deliver! (Or walk around with a cup of tea)

Patrick Fuller presents his guide to presenting. Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Having been around in the media and marketing industries for *cough* years, I've attended more than a few conferences. And with those conferences come speakers, all with their own, unique presenting style.     Read more »

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4thDec 2012

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