Of momentum and microwaved sausages

Posted by: Dan Fielder, managing editor, Sticky Content

Ill with cold this second day of the new year... leak leak sob sob. Just microwaved a sausage, and it looked like an exploded finger. (But ate it anyway and it tastes OK...)

Nadyne posted this as the first entry on her new blog one January 1... and then never posted again. It's one of the many small joys gathered together on the blog, One Post Wonder ‘a collection of amazing blogs that have one post'. Read more »

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4thDec 2012

Great courses at great prices

All PMA's classes are tailored to your job with a maximum of six delegates  per workshop. Bespoke courses are available to train up to six people from your company for just £1250+vat per day. Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

Patrick Fuller shares his thoughts on the values of content marketing for brands with Campaign

Patrick Fuller shares his thoughts on the values of content marketing for brands with Campaign.  Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

A day in the life of...Sean Atkins, Digital Director, FuturePlus

There's a scene in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, the 1970s Gene Wilder one. Anyway, it's the scene where Willy Wonka has just led the ticket winners into a dead-end corridor. There's seemingly no exit, they're crammed, they're shuffling, they're stressed and Roy Kinnear looks ravenous! Just as they've all but given up hope, Wonka slowly grabs the handle of the door they originally entered from and quietly announces "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (as the door opens)... the chocolate room"     Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

A refreshing move by Coke

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, Wardour

If you work in comms and haven't heard the hype about Coca-Cola's new corporate website, you should take a look now. You can find it at                                  

To an agency like Wardour, working in the content marketing arena, the launch of the site indicates a big moment for our sector - but more importantly a big moment of change for our comms clients. Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

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