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Great copy isn't great content

Posted by: Robin Bonn, Seven

One of the first things we tend to hear from potential clients is that they're not getting the best advice around Content Marketing. Often this is because it's coming from non-specialist agencies, some of whom still believe that great copy is all that goes into great content. This is doing everyone a disservice. Read more »

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5thDec 2012

Stand and deliver! (Or walk around with a cup of tea)

Patrick Fuller presents his guide to presenting. Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Having been around in the media and marketing industries for *cough* years, I've attended more than a few conferences. And with those conferences come speakers, all with their own, unique presenting style.     Read more »

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4thDec 2012

Of momentum and microwaved sausages

Posted by: Dan Fielder, managing editor, Sticky Content

Ill with cold this second day of the new year... leak leak sob sob. Just microwaved a sausage, and it looked like an exploded finger. (But ate it anyway and it tastes OK...)

Nadyne posted this as the first entry on her new blog one January 1... and then never posted again. It's one of the many small joys gathered together on the blog, One Post Wonder ‘a collection of amazing blogs that have one post'. Read more »

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4thDec 2012

A refreshing move by Coke

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, Wardour

If you work in comms and haven't heard the hype about Coca-Cola's new corporate website, you should take a look now. You can find it at                                  

To an agency like Wardour, working in the content marketing arena, the launch of the site indicates a big moment for our sector - but more importantly a big moment of change for our comms clients. Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

The three fundamentals of great service content

Posted by: Maureen Rice, Cedar

Let's be clear: all good content is a customer service. If it's not adding anything to the customer experience, then it's not good. 

But there is a difference between ‘we love it' content and ‘we use it' content. ‘We love it' content is that clever, emotive TV ad or the magazine celebrity exclusive. ‘We use it' content is about detail and relevance - the everyday, everywhere customer touchpoints such as destination guides, recipes, web reviews, how-to videos and trouble-shooting FAQs.  Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

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