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The three fundamentals of great service content

Posted by: Maureen Rice, Cedar

Let's be clear: all good content is a customer service. If it's not adding anything to the customer experience, then it's not good. 

But there is a difference between ‘we love it' content and ‘we use it' content. ‘We love it' content is that clever, emotive TV ad or the magazine celebrity exclusive. ‘We use it' content is about detail and relevance - the everyday, everywhere customer touchpoints such as destination guides, recipes, web reviews, how-to videos and trouble-shooting FAQs.  Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

The world’s most iconic digital business puts its faith in... print

Posted by: Mark Rosselli, CPL

Last week, Google sent me some mail. This is not unusual. CPL has an AdWords account, and every week Google emails me a little report on the previous week's activity. I use GoogleMail for private email, and Google Apps for file sharing, and I routinely get emailed tips on how to get more out of both of these services. I also receive regular and resolutely cheery emails urging me to join Google+, and telling me all the great networking opportunities I'm missing by regularly and resolutely refusing to do so. Read more »

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3rdDec 2012

Seven shortlisted for five International Digital Magazine Awards

Seven has been shortlisted at the Digital Magazine Awards for the second year running, this time with four nominations for Sainsbury's magazine and one for Savills' INSIGHTS: World Cities Review 2012.      Read more »

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30thNov 2012

Gold Key Delivers International Audiences

Its been a great year for Gold Key Media, who have been busy working with numerous luxury property publications throughout 2012 to provide an international shop window for their new developments.      Read more »

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30thNov 2012

Content 2012 Final keynote: Matthew Taylor, CEO Royal Society of Arts - How content can inspire change

The final keynote of the day was delivered by Matthew Taylor, CEO, Royal Society of Arts, who addressed how content can be used to inspire change.  Matthew pointed out that he believes there is a gap between people's aspirations and the route they take.   Read more »

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30thNov 2012

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