The APA is pleased to announce a special discount on Adobe products for APA Members

The new partnership between the APA and Adobe Systems will give APA members a number of software and services benefits. Read more »

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10thFeb 2012

John Brown creates Dora's Little Cooks Collection for Eaglemoss Collections and Nickelodeon

John Brown and Dora the Explorer, Nickelodeon's animated pre-school phenomenon, go back a long way. They have created three hugely successful magazine collections with the brand and have just created a fourth for Eaglemoss Collections, entitled Little Cooks Collection. Read more »

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10thFeb 2012

Quality content is key to search and social media success

The DMA believes that search engines are now rewarding quality content over search engine optimisation (SEO) in their results. Read more »

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10thFeb 2012

Great writing. Everyone thinks they can do it.

Posted by: Sophie Hewitt-Jones, Bladonmore

But here's the truth. It's not easy, not everyone can do it, and those who are most likely to think they can, probably can't. The very best writers spend their lives agonising about not being able to find the right words, about honing the perfect (uncliched) metaphor, crafting the most evocative turn of phrase; in short, being able to make themselves heard and touching their readers emotionally and rationally. Read more »

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7thFeb 2012 makes Revolution Awards shortlist by August Media has made the retail shortlist for the Revolution Awards.

  Read more »

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6thFeb 2012

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