21 signs that your organisation doesn’t really get content marketing

Posted by: Dan Fielder, Sticky Content

Some classic warning symptoms, based on personal experience...

1.       Despite already being long overdue, the only bits of the new website that are ready are the Mission Statement and the biographies of the Board of Directors - complete with expensive mugshots. Read more »

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29thOct 2012

And it's goodbye from me...

Posted by: Julia Hutchison, CMA

Julia Hutchison bids farewell as she sails into the content sunset

November will be a sad month for me. Despite the International Content Marketing Summit promising to be one of the best events of the marketing year, despite the International Content Marketing Awards seeing a huge increase of entrants, and despite the confidence levels of the content marketing industry being at an all-time high, it will remain sad as it marks the end of my time with the CMA. Read more »

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29thOct 2012

44% of clients say content marketing sells harder than ads

Posted by: Rob Bonn, Seven

The latest research from Econsultancy and Outbrain gave us this and many other stats supporting the acceptance by clients of content marketing as a "mainstream" discipline. But if nearly half of clients reckon that content marketing sells harder than advertising, the question is why only 38% of them have a defined content marketing strategy? Read more »

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26thOct 2012

Performative Leisure

Posted by: Karen Canty, Future Foundation

Leisure is undergoing a real-time revolution.  No longer are we willing to wait until the credits roll - instead we use smart technologies to showcase our status. The result is what the Future Foundation terms Performative Leisure - a growing willingness to use leisure moments as real-time records of achievement. Read more »

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26thOct 2012

Can a cat ever be a dog?

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, Wardour

Philosophical question of the day: when is a photo not a photo? And before anyone asks: yes, we do have better things to do, but this poser has nonetheless been an agency topic in the past. Read more »

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24thOct 2012

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