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UK rollout of 4G will (finally) make mobile publishing a reality

Posted by: Mark Rosselli, CPL    

For four years now, ever since the launch of the iPhone, publishers and brands have been tantalised by the vision of people being able to access their publications digitally, wherever they were, and at whatever time. The hope was that digital publishing would increase the numbers of people subscribing to publications, and that subscribers who were able to access a publication anytime, anywhere, would become more engaged with the title.      Read more »

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31stJan 2012

Brands eye a share of booming digital health sector

Marketing magazine last week reported on the brands targeting the burgeoning health data market. Read the comments by Seven's Head of Digital in full here. Read more »

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31stJan 2012

Google, Google+ and social search

Posted by: Amanda Davie

Google's announcement of the uplifting of Google+ (or G+) pages within search results has been eliciting reactions from a number of people in the SEO and content industry.     Read more »

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30thJan 2012

Are we all Screenagers?

Posted by: Mark Bainbridge

So here the hair goes a shade greyer - which I largely blame on the trauma associated with parenting and another year is notched up on the belt buckle of life...I noticed that the birthday cake now has candles which represent decades rather than years...yep, I am dwelling on age...and in particular the way that age relates to content consumption.     Read more »

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30thJan 2012

Axon Publishing app makes Sunday Times list of the world's best

Axon's Babychange app for NCT has appeared in The App List of the world's best apps, published by The Sunday Times.

Put together by a team of experienced app reviewers and aided by experts in specialist fields such as fashion and culture, The App List covers the best apps from beauty, finance, literature and travel through to productivity and problem solvers. Read more »

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30thJan 2012

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