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Completely London wins Blog Award 2011, produced on behalf of Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward by August Media, has won Best Newcomer at the 2011 Blog Awards. Read more »

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10thJan 2012

The latest Content Marketing research: Jan 2012

This month, we look at how contactless payments are increasing in popularity, how brands on Facebook risk being ‘un-Liked' and the staggering value of unwanted Christmas presents. Read more »

9thJan 2012

A bit colder, but no wiser...

How to get your content to survive 2,000 years...

Posted by: Mark Bainbridge

So we've made it through 2011 (which I will remember for our obsession with cupcakes), Christmas and New Year into...yaaaayyy...2012 - which the gloomy pundits are telling us is going to be a tough one...booo...My new year's resolution is to steer the highway of PMA "Positive Mental Attitude", in which one creatively visualises success and then pursues it down the A roads of mindless optimism.  Read more »

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9thJan 2012

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

A new tax relief scheme which may benefit certain APA members was announced by Chancellor George Osborne at the end of last year. Read more »

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9thJan 2012

The good news about bad news

Posted by: Paul Keers, Axon    

It's unusual for the design of a members' magazine to create publishing ripples. But the new issue of the Penn State University alumni magazine,The Penn Stater, does just that. It's a black-on-black cover, with the words "Penn State" fallen from the masthead to the foot of the page - and only the words "Our Darkest Days" are legible in white. (You can see it here.)     Read more »

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9thJan 2012

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