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MediaTel - Summit: 'Urgent need' to connect clients and content

Brands should be investing in talent and content to reach consumers in the digital space, says Nick Cohen, managing partner and UK head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising. Ahead of the CMA's International Content Marketing summit on Wednesday...

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25thNov 2013

The Grocer - Summit: Coke rethought its content marketing

The Content Marketing Association asked me what it took for us to rethink The Coca-Cola Company’s approach to content mark…

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23rdNov 2013

Six inspiring world leading marketers

The CMA's look at some of the world's leading marketers, from the high profile exec who has created Apple's marketing mystique to the man who pioneered Ford's content marketing and social media drive.   Read more »

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20thNov 2013

Paw power!

To add to its three CMA Awards shortlist nominations, My VIP magazine, published for Pets at Home by John Brown, is carving yet another notch on its dog bedpost in the form of a shortlisting in the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 2013. Not bad for a magazine that's less than 10 months old! Read more »

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20thNov 2013

Marketing Week - Summit - Coke to communicate 'more pointed' diversity messages

Coca-Cola is to make the messages around the brand’s equality and diversity values “more pointed” in its marketing over the coming months...mention of the International Content Marketing Summit in copy

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19thNov 2013

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