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Book your tickets for The International Content Marketing Awards 2013

Just under 2 weeks until the winners of The 2013 CMA International Content Marketing Awards will be announced. The evening, hosted by Mark Dolan at Old Billingsgate, will see over 500 industry peers gather to celebrate.   Find out more about booking your place »

13thNov 2013

The five most successful editorial driven branded video types

Creating branded video content can be a challenging task. Here are five ways to make it that little bit simpler.     Read more »

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13thNov 2013

From the Daily Prophet to the Daily Mail, content marketing comes alive

Posted by: Mallory Mabe, Marketing and Communications Executive, Adobe

In a world seemingly far away lives a magical newspaper. It's content is no ordinary content - it is alive! Images move as if the people within are living between the lines and text updates in an instant as the latest stories roll in. This paper builds a relationship with the reader, providing them with what they want and must know. From escapes from Azkaban to Weasley relationship gossip, The Daily Prophet has been the forefront of the Wizarding world but now, for the first time ever, its magic is taking our world by storm.  Read more »

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8thNov 2013

What's the point?

Posted by: Jeff Zie, GM & Head of Digital, freeform.London

Technology and media are funny bedfellows. As the world of content has transformed from the analogue to the all-pervasive digital world, I'm struck by the number of marketers who're constantly anxious about being seen to be on top of the latest trends in marketing - with a rare, final consideration to what audiences and consumers desire.  Read more »

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6thNov 2013

How can Content Marketing help you pull?

The CMA has launched a brand new video that explains why content marketing forms long-term relationships and the amazing results you get when content marketing and traditional marketing work together.     Watch our video to see how they can work together »

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5thNov 2013

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