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Five media start-ups to keep an eye on

We take a look at some interesting news, media and content start-up businesses whose aim is to make curating videos and creating blogs as simple as possible. Read more »

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20thAug 2013

The new social networks

We take a look at the new emerging social media channels including why a 13 year old thinks Facebook is a network for older people. Read more »

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13thAug 2013

Multicultural content marketing opens the door to emerging markets

Posted by: Eric Ingrand, VP Content Marketing EMEA, EnVeritas Group

Publishers and PR companies understand the value of content marketing of producing high-quality, branded content across multiple channels and multiple devices.  Read more »

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7thAug 2013

Why brands can't be heroes

Posted by: Kim Willis, Head of Communications, Cedar

On a stage in downtown Portland, Nancy Duarte is about to reveal the secret formula that underpins the greatest speeches of all time. This is at a global creative conference, somewhat audaciously entitled the World Domination Summit and Nancy is, in the best possible way, a story-telling geek.     Read more »

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7thAug 2013

Is digital writing an undervalued skill?

Posted by: Dan Fielder, Sticky Content

67 per cent of digital marketing professionals don't always use trained writers to generate copy, according to Sticky Content's State of Digital Copywriting report. Should we be worried about this?  Read more »

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7thAug 2013

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