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Why content curators are like superstar DJs

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

"I am a DJ," sang David Bowie. "I am what I play". Could the same be said of a brand putting out curated content? Read more »

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30thOct 2013

Where next for tablet publishing?

There are some very healthy predictions for sales of tablets this Christmas. However, some critics believe that in spite of this growth, magazine apps will struggle in the future. Other figures, like Google's chairman, take a very different view of the potential of the format. So who is right and how should the content marketing industry respond? Read more »

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29thOct 2013

Why are Brands becoming news publishers?

Growing numbers of US brands are adding news content provided by agencies to their sites or creating their own news-driven portals. Why are they doing this and is it a trend that is likely to reach the UK? Read more »

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22ndOct 2013

How omni-channel marketing works for retailers

Omni-channel retailing is a new approach that some brands have taken that put its bricks and mortar store at the heart of all it does and that includes online and content strategies too. So which brands are doing it well? And what are its implications for content marketing agencies?  Read more »

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15thOct 2013

Five good reasons why brands should be using agencies for content marketing

If you want to produce content that is high quality and completely in keeping with your brand values then you need to call the experts in. Either get someone with experience, or even better call in an agency.     Read more »

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8thOct 2013

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